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  1. Defective chatty cathys?
  2. Cathys comics cry
  3. Clown alley, clown __ room and prop area
  4. Either "cathy's clown" singer
  5. The tears of a clown singer who received the bet lifetime achievement award in 2015: 2 wds.
  6. Singer brown singer swift = singer ___
  7. Singer, singer, singer?
  8. Clown fish
  9. White-faced clown
  10. Clown's prop
  11. Tv clown name
  12. Classic clown with a repetitive name
  13. Clown props
  14. Popular clown
  15. Loudish, funny clown on the radio
  16. Like most clown wigs
  17. Popular clown at kids' pa
  18. Classic tv clown
  19. Tragic clown in pagliacci
  20. Clown's name


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