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  1. Claude of "casablanca"
  2. Capital near casablanca
  3. Second-largest city of morocco, after casablanca
  4. Hat worn in "casablanca"
  5. Bergman's "casablanca" su
  6. “casablanca” lover
  7. Ricks love in “casablanca”
  8. Gin joint in "casablanca"
  9. “casablanca” woman
  10. Part of the escape route in casablanca
  11. Ilsa ___, casablanca character
  12. Peter of "casablanca"
  13. Heroine of film casablanca; sail (anagram)
  14. City ne of casablanca
  15. Rick's "casablanca" love
  16. Bergman in "casablanca"
  17. Casablanca wear
  18. Conrad of "casablanca"
  19. Characters in "casablanca
  20. Paul of "casablanca"


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