Do you know the answer?


  1. Finesse
    1. Deft touch
  2. Finesse
    1. Elegant skill
    2. With great skill
    3. Subtlety in handling difficult situations
    4. Polish punishments extremely severe!
    5. Tactful treatment


  1. Excellent, excellent side!
  2. Brain, maybe supported by system of logic
  3. House assembled, with voting system key - excellent!
  4. Chinese system producing excellent children in time half forgotten
  5. System that connects producers and consumers within the food system: abbr.
  6. ___ system (system of measurement)
  7. Burden supported by america
  8. Platform built out from the shore, supported on piles
  9. Supported, as a motion
  10. Immoral behaviour very supported by murder in us
  11. Member-supported org.
  12. Like marriage supported by loving v. virginia
  13. Resolutely supported
  14. Supported
  15. Bishop who supported rich
  16. French writer about river supported by estuary
  17. Plan in school: english supported by the writer
  18. Breaking up small active area supported by cartel
  19. Common classes supported by lecturer
  20. Maintaining wife, supported by special grants


  1. Book that won the 2018 national book award for translated literature written by yoko tawada and translated by margaret mitsutani: 2 wds.
  2. Parts of some audiobooks briefly
  3. Observe look at (inf)
  4. Largest city and former capital of myanmar also known as rangoon
  5. Carry a debt
  6. Cap without peak
  7. Lavish outdoor party
  8. Liquid cosmetic 7 letters