The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with G

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Can such doctors give treatment for vertigo?"

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  1. Gees
    1. Bee ___
    2. Turns right
    3. Pop music's bee ___
    4. Thousands of slang
    5. Goes right
  2. Gees
    1. Bee ___ (“night fever” group)


  1. Form of delivery stage needing treatment by certain doctors
  2. In which doctors can't abide giving treatment?
  3. Suffer vertigo
  4. What a vertigo sufferer m
  5. Stewart's "vertigo" co-star
  6. Vertigo symptom
  7. "vertigo, buddy" says nature in the spring
  8. Stewart's 'vertigo' costar
  9. Kim of ''vertigo''
  10. Novak of 'vertigo'
  11. Number before 'catorce' only in that u2 song 'vertigo,' not in real counting
  12. Vertigo setting
  13. Suffering from vertigo
  14. Vertigo as a result of nasty snide digs
  15. Form of vertigo associated with decompression sickness
  16. Vertigo surprises
  17. Black bovine with vertigo, say — what's so exciting?
  18. A few on rickety tower get vertigo ultimately
  19. What a vertigo sufferer may wonder
  20. Vertigo diagnosers, briefly


  1. Herbert george
  2. Economic meas.
  3. Nearly 20-hour ken burns documentary of 2001
  4. Not literal
  5. Juliet's home
  6. Franchise operator
  7. Friend of shelley
  8. Spears rival