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  1. ... rowing for oxford or cambridge?
  2. Believe paper reported those rowing in this
  3. Annual rowing event on the thames
  4. Rowing muscle, for short
  5. Rowing crew
  6. Rowing implement
  7. Ones calling out the rowing rhythm
  8. Small rowing boat
  9. Rowing blades
  10. Husky ambassador carrying rowing equipment
  11. Waifs who love rowing, reportedly
  12. Romans as depicted by trendy rowing ability
  13. Rowing blade
  14. Bulk of western rowing crew
  15. Rowing team
  16. More than one runner smuggling french fags heads for rowing boats
  17. Don't start prison guard and a group of folk rowing
  18. Rowing crew perhaps gets home, i suspect
  19. Women’s rowing boat picking up in a display of strength
  20. Propelled like a rowing boat


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  2. ,16,18,24 26 6 10 and 8 are not 9
  3. A new number to be put up shortly
  4. Never mind who has a line taken from material energy
  5. Relief supplied by thermals?
  6. Meryl, for example, is once produced here
  7. Worthless attempt to conceal evidence of smoking
  8. Heard to choose a choice object on line