The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with O

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Calmer"

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  1. Opiate
    1. Narcotic
    2. Vicodin, e.g
    3. Relaxant
    4. What might be a knockout?
    5. Morphine, e.g.
    6. Morphine, for one


  1. Girl calmer — one’s producing a whisky?
  2. Visionary, for example, in calmer surroundings
  3. It's sweet of a calmer model
  4. Product of calmer waves
  5. Wholesome? it's plausible denied calmer exterior
  6. Swear about broken axle - must get calmer
  7. Calmer, in brief
  8. Makes final payments and becomes calmer
  9. Calmer quarter in german town housing an old writer?
  10. Performer who may be calmer having grabbed a date
  11. Girl needs to get calmer — a person of strong spirit
  12. On the calmer side of the ship
  13. After regeneration, a million at once calmer
  14. Scandinavian odin with calmer exterior, curiously
  15. On the calmer side
  16. Gorilla heading for zoo held by girl from behind — appearing calmer?
  17. Sweet having me in calmer race, somehow
  18. Become calmer 3 4


  1. There's mystery about edwin
  2. Former one direction star
  3. Like raw carrots
  4. Disorder that consists of an inability to fall or stay asleep
  5. Naturalist irwin
  6. Snacks for stallions
  7. A boring sort of nut endures our own misnomers
  8. Cruel man carrying bag lady who's not light