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  1. Cabaret cabaret
  2. What's espagnol to one russian composer is italien to another
  3. Peintre et graveur espagnol
  4. Cabaret director
  5. Where all the cabaret shows are in song
  6. Cabaret, e.g.
  7. Kitt in a cabaret
  8. Many a cabaret performer
  9. Cabaret singer mercer et
  10. Minnelli of "cabaret"
  11. Cabaret singer sylvia
  12. Lenya of "cabaret"
  13. Big lunch organised round front of this cabaret venue
  14. As seen by major tom, a cabaret singer
  15. Cafe or cabaret
  16. Cabaret
  17. Cabaret band
  18. Joel of "cabaret"
  19. Bugs i installed in exotic cabaret
  20. Hit 1951 play that inspired 'cabaret'


  1. Sits in the hot sun
  2. Leader who succeeded his adoptive father
  3. Part of nsfw
  4. Puts into a soundproof booth perhaps
  5. Treasure ___ (collections of valuables)
  6. ___ up some dirt (find scandalous information)
  7. Trumbo oscar nominee cranston
  8. Three-ingredient deli sandwiches for short