The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with A.
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Crossword Answers for "Buzz __ astronaut the second to walk on moon"

Added on Thursday, July 12, 2018
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  1. Someone who carries baseball bats for the team
  2. Father of angelina jolie jon __
  3. Nerd rockers who paid tribute to buddy holly
  4. It has 4 sides in equal length
  5. Reflective surface in a bathroom to see yourself
  6. Ancient counting frame
  7. Monty __ british comedy group of the absurd
  8. Plant used in japanese cooking paste or beans
  9. Area known for being dry sandy
  10. They own extensive lands in scotland
  11. Transform something into another form
  12. Large caliber gun from the 16th century


  1. Aldrin
    1. Buzz in space
    2. Buzz in a rocket
    3. Astronaut after whom buzz lightyear was named
    4. Second man to walk on the
    5. Buzz out in space
    6. Astronaut found in the local, drinking


  1. Second u.s. astronaut in space, after alan shepard
  2. American astronaut who became the second person to set foot on the moon in july 1969
  3. Second step made by male astronaut
  4. Second astronaut to walk on the moon: 2 wds.
  5. Buzz , second astronaut to step on the moon
  6. Astronaut
  7. Like the sky (unless youre an astronaut)
  8. Astronaut collins and oth
  9. Astronaut armstrong
  10. Astronaut's answer
  11. Astronaut shepard or bean
  12. Astronaut's favorite dess
  13. Apollo xii astronaut
  14. Describing eclipse, calls up astronaut
  15. Astronaut's sign-off?
  16. Astronaut in a 1973 david
  17. Material put in gap for astronaut
  18. Astronaut after whom buzz lightyear was named
  19. Astronaut kelly
  20. It's a draw for astronaut


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  2. Ex monarch of persia
  3. Max who owned the woodstock farmland
  4. Streaming biggie
  5. European indeed very nice at first, in one sense a 23 24
  6. Extremist element, one without extreme characters
  7. Nightclub for seasonal workers?
  8. Gold rush town where wyatt earp ran the dexter saloon