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  1. Songwriter bacharach
  2. Tunesmith bacharach
  3. Bacharach or ward
  4. Reynolds or bacharach
  5. ''heavenly'' songwriter bacharach
  6. Burt bacharach song that was a hit for both the beatles and the shirelles
  7. Bacharach collaborator
  8. 'whoever you ___ love you' (burt bacharach lyric)
  9. Burt bacharach co-writer david
  10. Composer bacharach
  11. Singer/songwriter bacharach
  12. Bacharach or young
  13. Formed a famous songwriting team with bacharach
  14. Promises promises composer bacharach
  15. Dionne, songstress connected with burt bacharach
  16. Bacharach and david tune for dionne warwick et al
  17. Dionne __, singer of bacharach & david songs


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