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  1. Minor functionary
  2. Organization functionary
  3. U.s.n. functionary
  4. Shipboard functionary
  5. Functionary put in charge in advance
  6. Parliamentary functionary
  7. Functionary around queen may be chased by one!
  8. Pub - one's closed, but admitting minor functionary in disguise
  9. Legal functionary
  10. (soviet) functionary
  11. Spiteful functionary, one with position on board
  12. Religious functionary
  13. A functionary not on one cia list to begin with
  14. About time functionary picked up a good book
  15. Franco leaves functionary in coalition
  16. Wedding functionary
  17. Brussels ___
  18. Brussels-based defense grp.
  19. Brussels official
  20. Brussels-based alliance


  1. Shed, important office by the sound of it?
  2. World capital designated a unesco world heritage site due to its modernist architecture
  3. Something needed for computer drive
  4. Seizures
  5. Reasonable place within earshot occupied by son not daughter
  6. Hit when good health reduced by half
  7. Person longing — not the first — for something profitable
  8. Supposed musical sheep flipped