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  1. She played betty in "nurse betty"
  2. Betty in ''nurse betty''
  3. Betty's sister on 'ugly betty'
  4. Brown betty, e.g
  5. Brown betty ingredient
  6. Fruit dessert -- brown betty slices appear
  7. Brown betty fruit
  8. Brown betty
  9. Novelist who wrote tom brown's school days and tom brown at oxford
  10. Grier of 'foxy brown' and 'jackie brown'
  11. Pam of "foxy brown" and "jackie brown"
  12. Person who makes a hash brown ash brown
  13. Brown, then red, then brown again, maybe
  14. Cats with a long body and a short brown coat with black or dark brown markings
  15. Brown, or yellowish-brown with a red initially added in
  16. Dark brown or light brown will restrict artist
  17. Green and brown on a green and brown background, say?
  18. Artist has light brown encircling dark brown
  19. Brown (not quite the same brown) horse or equivalent
  20. Brooklyn brown or newcastle brown


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  2. Card reader of a sort
  3. Just saying?
  4. Sharply dressed shoewise?
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  6. English setting for a series of impressionist paintings by monet
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