The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with U.
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Crossword Answers for "The brothers or brothers-in-law of your parents"

Added on Friday, July 13, 2018
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CODYCROSS sports Group 159 Puzzle 5

  1. Christ coming into the world
  2. In africa respectful form of address to men
  3. Tupac __ aka 2pac west coast rapper gunned down
  4. The secret __ tv show about a city full of witches
  5. Say __ and thank you nice manners
  6. Relating to the whole world universal
  7. Thomas __ wrote the witch of edmonton
  8. Not quite all almost all
  9. Donna murphy plays mother __ in tangled
  10. Stunted ear of indian corn
  11. Slang term for habitual weed smoker
  12. Close neighboring not far away
  13. Small stream of water from the earth
  14. Spanish royal city home to famous soccer clubs
  15. Boa constrictor or red-__ boa is a common pet
  16. Mcdonald's classic with its own song


  1. Uncles
    1. Remus and sam, e.g.
    2. What many brothers are al
    3. Family men
    4. Sam and tom, e.g.
    5. Sam and ben
    6. Fester and remus


  1. Listen, two of my parents' parents answer my call from abroad - they're on the breadline
  2. Your parents' parents' music
  3. Like either option in 'would you rather watch a video of your parents having sex or your parents watch a video of you having sex?'
  4. Brothers, sisters, and parents
  5. Parents' lay-down-the-law words
  6. The righteous brothers and the everly brothers
  7. Name of twin brothers in william shakespeare play the comedy of errors on whom twin brothers dromio are attendant
  8. Legendary brothers in law
  9. The law, but not the poor law
  10. -- law, a law excluding women from succession to the throne in certain countries
  11. Expounder of the law sees international law overturned by british first
  12. "i fought the law and the law ___"
  13. ___ law (basic law of current flow)
  14. Make fun of law officers i backed to break law
  15. L.a. law and law & order
  16. La law and law & order
  17. L a law and law & order
  18. Any song your parents lik
  19. Both parents in lounge at home, or one helping kids outside
  20. Big school event attended by parents


  1. Roughly holding up end of elephants trunk
  2. Run under superb service tree
  3. Divvy up
  4. Strauss opera based on a sophocles tragedy
  5. "tru calling" actress dushku
  6. Wilcox daughter in "howards end"
  7. Russians heading off with europeans
  8. "odelay" musician