The answer to this crossword puzzle is 3 letters long and begins with A.
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Added on Thursday, January 10, 2019


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  1. Adv
    1. Fully or partially: abbr.
    2. Miss manners, for one
    3. Adj. modifer
    4. Thesaurus abbr.
    5. Purely or simply: abbr.
    6. Really or truly, e.g.: ab


  1. Briefly, briefly
  2. Boston cager, briefly
  3. Bill producers, briefly
  4. Subject for ken burns, briefly
  5. Bunny boss, briefly
  6. Baby docs, briefly
  7. Bylaw, briefly
  8. Briefly refrigerate babe? that's immature
  9. Fifty shades of grey subject, briefly
  10. Acted briefly
  11. Houston is in it, but dallas isnt, briefly
  12. Office-inappropriate, briefly
  13. Briefly unknown?
  14. Bar brand, briefly
  15. Antibiotic, e.g., briefly
  16. A winter's tale character in the midst of hoax, raging briefly
  17. Biased type, briefly
  18. A poor excuse to pucker up briefly in bed
  19. Web links, briefly
  20. Take too much of, briefly


  1. One are, perhaps, flying into 14 across
  2. So to have both 50 and 500 on is enough to make one some capital
  3. It's well-known that this can't be the editor
  4. A questionable way to behave with the air of a soldier
  5. The sort of headache that makes me anything but cheerful
  6. How lucky that mummy has got a little bed
  7. By the end of the morning i would be not nearly finished
  8. Does the beastly king sound foppish and be so yellow and weedy?