The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with C


Do you know the answer?


  1. Concise
    1. At this point
    2. Brief and to the point
    3. Short but comprehensive explanation
    4. Brief, said in few words
    5. Short and to-the-point
    6. Compact - brief


  1. Want allies mobilised for constituency election here
  2. Terrified of nato allies, say, getting caught in leader of america's fight
  3. Post-election election
  4. Election after an election
  5. Most of russia used to be all of russia and more
  6. Candidate has no source of wealth before start of election
  7. Codename for operations by the us and allies before the combat stage of the gulf war
  8. One working on board boat before start of regatta
  9. Drink spirit before working meeting and start to ramble
  10. Centre-left in wrong start to election - what's the result?
  11. Comes up having to move in for start of election counts, maybe
  12. A us woman eclipsing rival before end of election, very tough
  13. Flier making one visibly angry before election
  14. Cite question before election with leader deposed
  15. Flier party produced before end of election
  16. Surveyed, as before an election
  17. Acceptance of notice before election
  18. Period before an election perhaps
  19. Bombshell revealed shortly before election day
  20. We start to be as russia was


  1. An ancient egyptian fertility goddess, depicted as a woman with a cow's horns
  2. Self-governing, heading off sumo action when wrestling
  3. Coerce; mounted soldier
  4. Giving a subtle difference to
  5. Pap's sis
  6. Line round head of ginger cat
  7. Tool place that is ridiculous being empty
  8. Pour water on