The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with R

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Bottomless caldera melts the young rock in it"

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  1. Recoup
    1. Get back for
    2. Get back with royal engineers over military takeover
    3. Compensate robert mugabe, discontented with military takeover
    4. Gain back
    5. Get back, as lost money
    6. Win back, as losses


  1. Take care of section wherein lies bottomless, bottomless pit
  2. Japanese caldera
  3. Indonesian caldera
  4. “melts in your mouth” candy
  5. Summer treat that melts in the sun
  6. Spring melts
  7. I have difficulty retaining man as ice melts
  8. What melts in a meltdown
  9. Melts together
  10. Rap artist with a name that melts in your mouth?
  11. He-man melts most of runny cheese
  12. Marx who wrote 'all that is solid melts into air'
  13. Water produced if ice patch melts
  14. Sticky stuff melts away in sweetmeats
  15. Melts
  16. Melts, say
  17. Melts down, as suet
  18. Cheese that melts well
  19. Glace, when it melts
  20. Melts fat


  1. American state with boise as its capital
  2. Soundly in favour of young people as they build muscle
  3. Extra serious weather problem ends terribly for planet
  4. Sailor somehow harms low-lying area
  5. Idle miners come first regarding 1984?
  6. Pretentious person dupes drunk
  7. During display, notice dog
  8. Tooth job, one out for you, say