The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Bolt vegetable, but not drop of merlot"

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  1. Arrow
    1. A brief concern about missile
    2. For this or that
    3. Director
    4. Turn indicator
    5. You might wait for it at
    6. To what ___?


  1. Vegetable that’s almost entirely vegetable matter
  2. Vegetable + vegetable = spice
  3. Chardonnay or merlot
  4. Stock of unopened merlot perhaps hidden by beer, mostly
  5. Merlot, for one
  6. Merlot, m
  7. Merlot, e.g.
  8. This man's merlot perhaps lacking body? on the contrary
  9. Stores your merlot and chardonnay
  10. Cabernet sauvignon and merlot for two
  11. Merlot, for example
  12. Merlot or chardonnay
  13. Malbec and merlot
  14. Merlot & rose
  15. Merlot or chianti
  16. Gauge half the merlot and last of the gamay produced in polish capital
  17. Like merlot and zinfandel typically
  18. Merlot or malbec, say
  19. Ike juggled over merlot cocktail at length
  20. Merlot or cabernet


  1. Slows down from a run
  2. Peach product
  3. Make marry
  4. Polish an article
  5. Dreadhead?
  6. Alpine gal
  7. Comedy of manners by richard brinsley sheridan featuring the character mrs malaprop
  8. Thumb-pointing reviewer