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Crossword Answers for "Boiled soya beans"

Added on Monday, August 12, 2019

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  1. "boiled rice?" — the vegetarian who believes beans are bad?
  2. Shame meat and beans boiled
  3. The beans in refried beans
  4. __ beans; dark red beans that are high in iron
  5. Hard-boiled, in a way
  6. Like a boiled lobster
  7. Boiled breakfast dish
  8. Substance made of nuts boiled in sugar, used to fill chocolates
  9. Strip of toast to go with a boiled egg
  10. Drain meat boiled and steeped in cooking liquid
  11. Hard-boiled crime genre
  12. Nothing's worse for starters than hard-boiled eggs plonked in tartare sauce
  13. Boiled lobster's feature?
  14. Dish of rice, fish and hard-boiled eggs
  15. Boiled cornmeal
  16. Swell getting starter of boiled egg on
  17. Reminiscent of hard-boiled fiction
  18. It may be boiled in borde
  19. Boiled holiday treat
  20. This type of egg is boiled inside sausage meat


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  3. Round openings with no actual fit, regularly
  4. Pat. ___. (brief designation for an invention)
  5. Letter that looks like a flipped y
  6. Office plants
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