The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with C.
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Crossword Answers for "Bobbed at the knee, often to royalty"

Added on Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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CODYCROSS CodyCross' Spaceship Group 1193 Puzzle 5

  1. Musician and producer originally with roxy music
  2. Old fashioned name for dating
  3. Shortened version of a novel or play
  4. Non protein compound
  5. Arteries that take blood to the head
  6. Prayer of protection given by a priest
  7. Ina garten is a barefoot one
  8. In a merry way
  9. Soft mass applied to the body to relieve soreness
  10. Microscopic single celled organisms
  11. Device for kneading muscles
  12. Element of figure skating, interpretation
  13. Instant photograph taken with a special camera


  1. Curtsied
    1. Bent the knees as a gesture of respect
    2. Made an obeisance - on the short side, perhaps
    3. Made respectful gesture, better to welcome in first to turn up
    4. First name of us founding father franklin


  1. Bobbed — bent the knee
  2. Acting royalty whose first and last names are both royalty-related
  3. Knee __; medical name for water on the knee
  4. Knee medical name for water on the knee
  5. Medium-sized feline found in america bobbed tail
  6. Rat with a gee-gee with a bobbed tail
  7. Bobbed along
  8. Bobbed the head
  9. Knowledgeable composer bobbed around london area
  10. Bobbed up, overlooking one in damaged life vest, to one's own detriment
  11. Bobbed down
  12. Bobbed the head in agreement
  13. Bobbed and ___
  14. Bobbed on the water's surface
  15. Louise __, bobbed-haired film star known as lulu
  16. 20s bobbed haircut named after a public school
  17. 1920s fashionable woman with bobbed hair
  18. Bobbed at parties, picked on an orchard
  19. Big feast, often for royalty
  20. Season-ending knee tear site, often


  1. Endless fright and surgery reminder
  2. Secure to the dock
  3. One way to read
  4. English grasped by kids completely, as they say
  5. Line from the heart
  6. Entertain a greek goddess
  7. Board the express
  8. They thrive on pain and suffering