The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with V.
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Added on Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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  1. Pine, saxophonist founder of jazz warriors
  2. Former name of fangataufa atoll, island
  3. Be is to perjure oneself
  4. Called to gather
  5. Italian tomato, onion and herb sauce
  6. Sweeping dirt from the floor
  7. Name a baby at a church service
  8. Xtinas last name
  9. Benjamin , almanac creator and city planner
  10. The four beaked foes in the madagascar movies
  11. A roarer, a shouter, a bawler
  12. Impartial treatment or without bias
  13. Like a positively charged terminal
  14. Hound of hades
  15. Sport also known as soccer
  16. Orbital route around a town or city
  17. Game of thrones canine that sounds terrible
  18. Class name for spiders and scorpions
  19. Country whose capital in phnom penh
  20. It secretes insulin and glucagon


  1. Viridian
    1. Pigment - one imported by long-lasting ruler over unsettled india
    2. A blue-green pigment
  2. Viridian
    1. Greeny-blue color, an oxide of chromium
    2. Bluey-green colour, from the latin for green


  1. Blueish-green mineral
  2. Penguin's blueish ruffles breaking up pair?
  3. Blueish hue
  4. Blueish-white metallic element
  5. Blueish-white brittle element, with symbol sb
  6. Blueish bulging veins
  7. Dark blueish purple shade
  8. 13 holds cluedo's green up in the 'green man', perhaps13 holds cluedo's green up in the 'green man', perhaps
  9. Painter reverted - the green pigment is covered over
  10. ___ verte (green earth pigment)
  11. A blue-green pigment
  12. Pigment making plants green
  13. *artists' olive green pigment
  14. Green pigment found in plants
  15. Bright blue or green pigment used in printing
  16. Green copper mineral used as a painting pigment
  17. Pigment used in green paint
  18. Blood pigment
  19. Dye's original pigment is less bright
  20. Deep red pigment


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