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  1. Blooms collectively dan word
  2. Autumn blooms
  3. Spanish blooms
  4. Orange/yellow blooms
  5. Plants with bell-shaped blooms
  6. Producer of red-and-white blooms
  7. Orlando blooms “the lord of the rings” role
  8. Showy blooms
  9. Blooms in a whitman poem
  10. Like many blooms
  11. October blooms
  12. Official blooms of tennes
  13. Bright-colored blooms
  14. Future blooms
  15. Thorny blooms
  16. Tidy the faded blooms, dullard
  17. Of blooms
  18. Flower whose blooms open
  19. Spring blooms
  20. Bush with beautiful colors blooms in spring


  1. A plate and utensils
  2. Germ-spread reduucer
  3. Machine for writing text
  4. Full range of facts related to a subject
  5. Macram
  6. Out of ___ (somewhat unwell)
  7. Tinker tailor soldier spy author
  8. Anagram of monday