The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with L.
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Crossword Answers for "Blooming fellow leaving with a menacing scowl ..."

Added on Thursday, May 3, 2018

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  1. Lowering
    1. Dimming
    2. Getting down to a glow about ireland
    3. That's a pound we haven't paid towards the ring
    4. Moving downwards reducing in amount or value
    5. Reduction — long wire (anag)
    6. Making less high


  1. Forbidding scowl has expert leaving
  2. Menacing appearance of sailor leaving work
  3. The fellow gets a blooming start with another fellow
  4. It might have had a blooming blow - or a blooming ring?
  5. Could one stand the blooming things and the blooming noise there?
  6. That blooming powder is up to blooming little work for her in the curiosity shop
  7. Wearing a scowl
  8. Scowl angrily
  9. No good english graduate wearing scowl in part of pub
  10. Scowl knit one's brow
  11. First hanoverian king confronted staff with scowl
  12. Look threatening - scowl
  13. Scowl, look sullen or threatening
  14. Bellboy with scowl suffering pain
  15. Lost at first in welsh peninsula, scowl angrily
  16. Scowl when sailor enters that party
  17. Scowl seeing setter's in favour
  18. Stare angrily, scowl
  19. Scowl on man in place of pilgrimage
  20. Scowl is preceded by liquid company with time for an artist


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