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  1. Always, archaically
  2. Truth, archaically
  3. Accomplish, archaically
  4. Ants, archaically
  5. Has in view, archaically
  6. Execute, archaically
  7. If you are archaically backward-looking, everything is to stare at
  8. Fitting recompense, archaically
  9. Has permission, archaically
  10. Archaically illustrate short bit of verse about maiden
  11. Tomato archaically
  12. Go quickly, archaically
  13. Nevertheless, archaically
  14. Indeed, archaically
  15. Via, archaically
  16. At full speed, archaically
  17. Once, archaically
  18. Ready, archaically
  19. Anoint with oil, archaically
  20. Versifier, archaically


  1. First or earliest 6 letters
  2. So to break the tin one did wrong at the funeral
  3. One does not destroy them if they'll do for replacement
  4. There's precious little weight in that miserable accountant
  5. He'll give you a belt
  6. Ring again if you want an annulment
  7. Can i help causing pain to the silly one?
  8. Cold? no, hot and high inside