The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with O

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Blast, for instance"

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  1. Oath
    1. Pledge
    2. Swear word
    3. Sworn statement
    4. ___ of office
    5. Curse
    6. Swear words?


  1. Blast furnace fuel
  2. Battleship blast
  3. Blast furnace apparatuses
  4. Big blast maker
  5. Bacchanalian blast
  6. Beer blast garb, maybe
  7. Big blast, briefly
  8. Radio blast from the past
  9. Blast from the past, astronomically speaking?
  10. Nozzles into blast furnaces
  11. Suffix with blast-
  12. Beer blast purchases
  13. Blast from the past
  14. Palindromic blast
  15. Blast from the __ (song oldie)
  16. A child can have a blast with it
  17. Blast that thin-skinned racist from new york
  18. Blast constituent?
  19. Blast furnace product
  20. Heat blast


  1. Throw a tantrum when baby eats plant
  2. Old bones alongside black garment
  3. First: last of course is later, however
  4. I appreciate that offer to cover characters central to plot in newspaper
  5. Insect found in decorator's drink
  6. Waylay a doctor with american husband
  7. Style of drake, with cuss?
  8. Priggish people