The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with C

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Bionic humans"

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  1. Cyborgs
    1. Man-machine hybrids
    2. Bionic beings
    3. Terminator types
    4. Human/robot hybrids in science fiction


  1. Bionic part of the bionic
  2. Humans owned by humans
  3. Half-human half-machine bionic human
  4. "the bionic woman" __ sommers
  5. Bionic human
  6. Bionic commando console, for short
  7. Bionic woman's california hometown
  8. Surname of jaime the bionic woman
  9. Bionic woman, for one
  10. A bionic part of steve austin
  11. California hometown of the six million dollar man and the bionic woman
  12. The bionic woman's first name
  13. Bionic beings
  14. Bionic man (or woman)
  15. Bionic being
  16. "the bionic woman" character sommers
  17. __ wagner played bionic woman jaime sommers
  18. Like the earliest humans
  19. We need a government, ___, because of the nature of humans: p. j. orourke
  20. Kind of diet replicating that of early humans


  1. Luminous discharge that never goes full circle
  2. Brother livingstone is finished
  3. Cutting cruel wit
  4. State capital of new jersey, us
  5. Frequently describes a group
  6. Zimbabwe's second-largest city
  7. Box-like container that slides
  8. Director of 1930s horror films frankenstein, the old dark house and the invisible man