The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with S.
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Crossword Answers for "Big first for babies"

Added on Monday, September 20, 2021

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  1. Step
    1. Aerobics class order
    2. Dance movement
    3. Part of a how-to manual
    4. Algorithm component
    5. Measure to take
    6. Easily enter place after escape of one horse


  1. Might be babies with arms and babies with wings there
  2. Babies, or what some babies wear
  3. Something babies do (and people do at babies)
  4. What babies do in their first two years
  5. Not liquids, first hard food for babies
  6. Barrio babies
  7. Babies want to hold a pen for instance
  8. Remarks around cute babies
  9. Beanie babies, e.g.
  10. Things babies make
  11. Trust fund babies, often
  12. Babies grow into them
  13. Like some library books and babies
  14. Macarena or beanie babies
  15. Who shouldnt let your babies grow up to be cowboys, in a 1978 #1 country song
  16. Ones carrying babies on their backs
  17. Investment company whose commercials once had talking babies
  18. Small, as beanie babies
  19. Fathers, to babies
  20. How babies may be carried


  1. Pop bottles
  2. Woman with record showing farm animals
  3. Woman in train perked up tummy calmer
  4. Wrong, as professional 22d should be
  5. Within reduced amount, partners are said to provide so called key arrangement
  6. Woman set off in yacht
  7. Tranquilizing brand
  8. Wrap for warmth