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  1. Old-style resort, resort without sun
  2. Resort central in remark of lower resort
  3. Desert resort for tourists, last resort for elijah
  4. No coast clean in resort? find another resort
  5. Area with clubs a couple snubbed possibly in mexican resort
  6. Bathing place at european resort
  7. Black sea resort
  8. Lincolnshire resort
  9. Health resort
  10. Colorado resort
  11. Ski resort transport
  12. Mediterranean resort island
  13. Scottish town, some holiday resort
  14. East sussex seaside resort
  15. Some find a bikini bizarre in spanish resort
  16. Belgian resort town
  17. Crested ___ (colorado ski resort)
  18. Fashionable resort
  19. Punta del ___ (uruguayan resort)
  20. Abbr. in a resort's name


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  2. In favour of saints supporting church operation
  3. In a state of wild excitement
  4. In oily manner, putting off a girl, yes?
  5. In conjunction
  6. In front but poorly aligned
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