The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with O

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Biblical story set to music"

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  1. Oratorio
    1. Handels messiah, e.g
    2. Mendelssohn's "elijah," e
    3. Handel bars?
    4. Dramatic but unstaged musical composition based on a religious theme
    5. Large choral work
    6. Handel work


  1. Story, often biblical, set to music
  2. Biblical hero and biblical villain about to spoil one
  3. 'music! music! music!' singer brewer
  4. The biblical story known as the binding of isaac
  5. Leap bar poorly for a biblical story
  6. Biblical story about the slaying of a philistine giant
  7. Food in a biblical story
  8. Biblical story
  9. Satisfied about biblical text in church music
  10. Church music assembled, including biblical section
  11. What 21 down was in one 1 25 story — one story about a seal of approval
  12. — hedge; series of illustrated children's books by jill barklem including autumn story and winter story
  13. Story given by soldier, mostly story female denied
  14. 2000 musical with the song 'every story is a love story'
  15. Author whose short story spring break won the 2018 edgar award in the best short story category: 2 wds.
  16. No music channel wants short story, one gloomy over love
  17. Story set to music or a three-part composition about love
  18. Story set to music of old gunmen in honour of city
  19. Song from 'west side story'; song from 'the sound of music'
  20. Composer of music for west side story


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