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  1. More banal
  2. Stab, getting caught in mostly banal trouble
  3. Girl catching banal ceremony before the end
  4. Philosopher endlessly banal, one admitted
  5. Rewrite a banal clue by learner about queen or film star
  6. After a short time the ceremony becomes banal
  7. Resort banal? tour is capital!
  8. Banal phrase
  9. Insipid, banal
  10. Banal tour going around capital city
  11. Girl holding banal procedure before the end
  12. Most banal time on divinity exam
  13. Line of verse is more banal, this writer admitted
  14. Find it banal, like terrorist of afghanistan
  15. Angle somewhat banal for the queen
  16. British union's leader smothered in banal praise
  17. Most banal
  18. It's not all my eye, but it sounds all banal and more so
  19. The body politic of banal prosperity
  20. Commonplace remark, banal or trite


  1. In rome i love to get abraham up in such a primitive way
  2. To be so artistic about this cannot be overdone
  3. That's enough to ruin about a hundred
  4. Thus one may be assured that this is neither the first nor the second entertainment
  5. It's just a shade first-rate and dry
  6. It may do wrong and it may be run
  7. Seems there are about ten such toms, yet there's no end of them
  8. That's for blowing