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  1. French film actress ___ aimee of the best years of a life
  2. Years and years and years
  3. Years and years and years and ...
  4. Aimee of "la dolce vita"
  5. Actress aimee
  6. Singer/songwriter aimee
  7. Singer aimee
  8. Aimée of film
  9. Anouk aimée title role of 1961
  10. ___ tuesday (aimee mann's old band)
  11. Pop singer aimee
  12. Aimee mann "that's just what you ___"
  13. Aimee or herbie
  14. "magnolia" soundtrack singer aimee
  15. "i should've known, __ ..." (aimee mann)
  16. Anouk aimée title role
  17. Grammy-winning aimee
  18. Aimee mann "living ___"
  19. Actress aimee of ''la dolce vita''
  20. & 13 down band once headed by aimee mann


  1. Insincere charm
  2. Cause of just deserts
  3. Sporty ride, informally
  4. Du[ ]s, so to speak
  5. Cabo setting
  6. Informally, handles collars worn by celebrity
  7. Confucian scholar chu ___
  8. Tantrum techniques, say