The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with D

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Become less loud/strong"

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  1. Diedown
    1. Conserving energy, used to have to become quieter
    2. Abate (3,4)
    3. Say colour blue seen to fade
    4. Fade away, being disheartened after endless diet
    5. For ease, used to have holding in east
    6. Become progressively weaker


  1. Airline man, awfully loud, at loud scene in the old rift valley
  2. Strong suit with set of keys sounds loud then soft
  3. A strong public protest - sounds loud
  4. Become less loud
  5. Tail-gating a vehicle four finally become loud and coarse
  6. Strong breeze — strong drink
  7. A strong, though not very strong, drink
  8. You have to be strong to make it strong at last
  9. Strong, strong guys held in check
  10. Strong spirits drunk in northern europe, strong on consonants
  11. "appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak" writer
  12. Become less strong like storm
  13. Girl's strong desire to become a historian
  14. Become less strong
  15. Become liable to fit (but not to become fit)
  16. Become entangled — become engaged
  17. A loud warning by driver: "halt! tree planting here!"
  18. A loud cry after wifes total failure
  19. Special style of loud hot rock
  20. Loud laugh


  1. The ice man cometh unstuck in the movies
  2. Hebrew patriarch whose sons were regarded as the ancestors of all races of humankind
  3. After removal of cap, made case for this sort of petrol?
  4. God's city, once a star's retreat
  5. Double meaning by a doctor, one responsible for cutting line
  6. Person finally squeezed into retro jeans, showing blubber
  7. One audibly scared of singular substitute for milk
  8. Nap taken by motorist - quite a blow