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  1. Man on irish beach. man on irish beach. man on irish beach
  2. Beach "pavement" made of planks
  3. Beach sun __ is enjoying lying on the beach
  4. Beach adjacent to copacabana beach
  5. Pavement caution in calif
  6. Pavement warning
  7. Pavement border
  8. Pavement caution
  9. Pavement edge
  10. Pavement pounder
  11. Opening in pavement
  12. Miss road pavement?
  13. Preparation of pavement art?
  14. __ luge olympic sport on pavement
  15. Pavement edge, in portsmouth
  16. Pavement (us)
  17. "brighten the corners" pavement hit
  18. 'the brute starts to get to the edge of the pavement, by the sound of it. stop it (4)'
  19. Pavement content
  20. Pavement cloppers


  1. Until 2006 the presiding officer of the house of lords and head of the judiciary
  2. It's supposed to bring luck
  3. Walk at an easy pace
  4. Headdress (for easter?)
  5. They express themselves humorously
  6. Soil — daub
  7. Person who has suddenly risen in wealth or importance
  8. Kind of lettuce — pre-1949 name for jakarta