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  1. Beatles drummer
  2. Beatles command, baby, in
  3. Beatles' "___ the walrus"
  4. Beatles' record label
  5. British sculptor, d. 1959 - beatles manager, d. 1967
  6. One of the beatles
  7. P.s. in a beatles song
  8. The beatles produced it
  9. The beatles showing absolute amazement?
  10. Title woman of a beatles song
  11. Song from the beatles' "s
  12. Second track on "beatles
  13. Beatles girl "filling in
  14. The beatles' "___ loves y
  15. The beatles' "i'm ___"
  16. Last new beatles track before their split in 1970
  17. Beatles hairdo
  18. The beatles' "___ a woman
  19. Beatles moniker
  20. Like the beatles' white a


  1. Ground mass in which particles are embedded
  2. Cure lips (anag)
  3. Musical instrument — wineglass
  4. Short leather trousers with braces
  5. Official investigating complaints of maladministration
  6. Item of bunting
  7. Small lump (of butter?)
  8. Long walk — sharp increase