The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Bar you don't want to hit"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Shoal
    1. Bar that might be dangerous
    2. Sandbar
    3. ___ bar
    4. Keel scraper
    5. Boating hazard
    6. Maritime hazard


  1. Don't pull __ don't hold back
  2. Don __ opera by mozart about libertine don juan
  3. Don’t make a ___ (don’t overreact)
  4. Don't go to bed - don't be relegated
  5. State where don ho was born (or was he? let's see the real birth certificate, don!)
  6. Don't make a move and don't go on making a falsehood
  7. Don't talk to the carpet, it shows you don't care
  8. Brigitte bardot's 'don juan (___ don juan were a woman)'
  9. Don __ mozart opera about don juan
  10. "don giovanni" and "don pasquale"
  11. 'don't ever stand aside, don't ever be denied' etc. (oasis)
  12. O, come back, father! don't go, even if you don't go soon enough
  13. Don't keep a secret and don't be enclosed at end of ring
  14. Don juan croaks in don's home wanting tea
  15. 'don't go to bed but don't let that get you down (4,2)'
  16. 'don't ___, don't tell' (bygone military policy)
  17. Billy joel "don't talk to strangers, don't ___ me why"
  18. "don't talk to strangers. don't ___ me why"
  19. Don't tell anyone i don't want dawn to break
  20. Don't keep twitching and don't loaf so much


  1. Hotel's given a youngster light dish
  2. Persuade scholar, off and on, to provide leader for times
  3. Traveller with year travelling around at a distance
  4. Effect clumsily
  5. Please halt - an order is changed by the goddess
  6. Lucky symbol
  7. Sweet purple plums
  8. Principal currency unit of lesotho, equal to 100 lisente