The answer to this crossword puzzle is 12 letters long and begins with M


Do you know the answer?


  1. Mildmannered
    1. Unlikely to rock the boat
    2. Not at all aggressive
    3. Calm and gentle in attitude


  1. Bacterial infection sometimes known as lockjaw
  2. Infectious disease also known as lockjaw
  3. Disease also known as lockjaw
  4. Tom very low, seeing buzz in grip of bacterial disease
  5. Criminal conman admits bacterial disease on top of lumbago is a mountain to climb
  6. Bacterial skin disease
  7. Bacterial disease of sheep and cattle
  8. Bacterial disease
  9. Lockjaw
  10. Affliction also called lockjaw
  11. Cause of lockjaw
  12. Kind of shot that prevents lockjaw
  13. Bacterial toxin
  14. Bacterial toxins in the blood
  15. Bacterial infection; black death __ plague
  16. Free of bacterial or viral contamination
  17. Highly infectious bacterial fever
  18. Prefix with "bacterial"
  19. Bacterial infection, for short
  20. Strong bacterial toxin — i lob nut (anag)


  1. Hard-boiled sweets, usually striped and flavoured with peppermint
  2. Benefit arising from ‘deuce’
  3. Amiable chap with feet of normal size
  4. Sinter, deposit from hot springs
  5. Coral island of japan administered by the us from 1945-72
  6. Dangerous date for julius caesar
  7. A line dance popular in the 1930s, which originated from a song in the musical me and my girl
  8. Jeune fille de condition modeste