The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with R.
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Crossword Answers for "Backing show, risk being invested on and off"

Added on Thursday, May 21, 2020

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  1. Reversal
    1. Setback
    2. Minister and earls surprisingly backing movement
    3. About-face
    4. Potential result of a 56-
    5. Change in direction
    6. Negation


  1. Show excitement, having invested a thousand in ambitious bet
  2. Sponsor finally invested in drink, being more generous
  3. In contrast, happen to be short, working capital being invested
  4. Money, always from the east being invested constantly
  5. Celebrated wealth being invested in hospital department
  6. Talks of cash originally being invested in bovine livestock
  7. Pounds being invested, that is by no means the best for industry
  8. Yen being invested in dodgy capital is uncharacteristic
  9. I had nothing invested in it, being a fool
  10. Show - show up or show down, as it were
  11. Tv show backing energy plan against chill
  12. Theatrical show always attracts university backing
  13. Before backing show, vet books old theatres
  14. Wanderer's show of agreement includes backing of half of team
  15. Show off backing of costume ...
  16. Backing last couple of singers in show
  17. Backing group at the super bowl xliii halftime show
  18. Escorts backing the one show
  19. Backing surrender, king stops plot being embellished
  20. Transferred company, backing being purchased by mutual?


  1. Old barbarian &mdash cause of complaint &mdash leading demo
  2. Old king’s company ditching director outside
  3. Office plods every now and again lost discipline
  4. Old celtic noble, before the hour of one, aches badly
  5. Old ascetic conceals cold heart
  6. Old man respected is ruler restored
  7. Old fellows in charge, one wearing glasses by virtue of current position
  8. Old first to be present