The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with E

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Back of the book explanatory comment"

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  1. Endnote
    1. Bit of appended text
    2. One may close a book
    3. Article afterthought
    4. What's finally written need not change
    5. Article trailer
    6. Clarifying article attachment


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  2. Explanatory comment written in the margin say
  3. Explanatory
  4. Explanatory latin phrase
  5. Depressed after opening of explanatory analysis
  6. Explanatory words
  7. Explanatory tool
  8. Explanatory comments at the bottom of a page
  9. Explanatory idea
  10. Order chaps in court to provide explanatory note
  11. Explanatory chart
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  16. Explanatory drawing
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  18. Explanatory information about this puzzle is revealed by reading these in the clues
  19. Explanatory words or heading
  20. Providing insurance, landlord produces explanatory note


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  3. Upvotes on reddit
  4. Petula --, english singer and actress
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  8. French satire first published in 1759