The answer to this crossword puzzle is 11 letters long and begins with J

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Average frat boy"


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  1. Your average below-average singer
  2. Average average
  3. Likewise about the average, in short, although below average in culture
  4. Batting average and earned run average for short
  5. Average joes
  6. Arbitrary comment, i agree, is kind of average
  7. Average guy in berlin?
  8. Average place to host a tapeworm, say?
  9. Average joe, e.g.
  10. Like joe average
  11. Average
  12. Dow jones average, e.g.
  13. Average grade
  14. Average guy
  15. Holder of baseballs highest career batting average (.366)
  16. Average as well as, at heart, a vaguely unpleasant person
  17. Average name
  18. The average size of its stores is 300000 square feet
  19. A plus average?
  20. Period of higher-than-average temperatures


  1. Candy vehicle
  2. Skinned gelatine-rich part of cattle used in soups
  3. Mature compost
  4. Busy season in saint-tropez
  5. Voided serve
  6. 'i'm ready for your questions'
  7. Feels the same
  8. Period of 10 years