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  1. Zairean president mobutu ___ seko
  2. Zairean president 1965 97
  3. Zairean autocrat mobutu _
  4. Late zairean dictator mob
  5. Shy zairean ruminant
  6. Autocratic cops tied suspect
  7. Mesmerizing autocratic coach
  8. Autocratic ruler
  9. Autocratic decree
  10. Engineer is perverse and autocratic
  11. Much ado about republican as autocratic leader
  12. Autocratic sort reversed scotland yard corruption?
  13. Riot act laid out getting autocratic
  14. Exercise power over in an autocratic manner
  15. Not easily influenced, but not very autocratic
  16. Powerful autocratic ruler
  17. Was autocratic
  18. Autocratic, russian-style
  19. Autocratic order
  20. Autocratic leader runs into considerable trouble


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  2. Make attractive lady with phd and energy empty skips
  3. Make aggressive move at cards and clear whats left
  4. Magistrate&rsquo s heartless act that is dishonest
  5. Maintain and operate a cycle or small car?
  6. Main task thats easy comes as a blow on the coast
  7. Makes less distinct
  8. Major celebrity of late briefly wearing policeman&rsquo s medal