The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with P

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Authority to represent someone else"

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  1. Proxy
    1. Agent
    2. Stand
    3. Representative
    4. Stockholder's vote
    5. Person authorised to act on behalf of someone else
    6. Web server type


  1. To represent (someone)
  2. Editor backs revised set-up and passes authority to someone else
  3. Someone in authority reformed financial centre
  4. Ethical authority has spoken, interrupting someone mean
  5. Undermine (someone's authority)
  6. Someone in authority like in the government
  7. What birthday cake candles represent
  8. An x could represent it
  9. Another thing they might represent
  10. One more thing they might represent
  11. What some of the black squares in the grid might represent
  12. Represent with symbols
  13. What “x” might represent on a treasure map
  14. One might represent a representative
  15. Omegas represent them
  16. What some black squares in this grid represent
  17. What a rain cloud over a head may represent in comics
  18. What light bulbs represent in cartoons
  19. Using letters to represent numbers
  20. What x may represent


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  2. 1980s rapper kool ___ dee
  3. A region of new zealand on south island
  4. Aid and ___ (help in crime)
  5. Bird that's a-swimming in a christmas song
  6. Brand of nonstick cooking spray
  7. Texan mission that was site of a siege in 1836 by mexican forces
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