CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Author played by streep in adaptation"

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  1. American drama film of 1982 starring meryl streep which is an adaptation of a novel of the same name by william styron: 2 wds.
  2. Streep who played thatcher
  3. Couple played by hoffman and streep
  4. A walk in the park, perhaps, to get austen adaptation right
  5. Kurosawas adaptation of king lear
  6. ___ a new film adaptation
  7. Dislike adult adaptation
  8. Predator exists thanks to natural adaptation
  9. One of the larkin girls captivating taxman initially in teatime adaptation
  10. Parcheesi is an adaptation of __ cross and circle
  11. Mockery humorous adaptation imitation
  12. Game of __ george rr martin hbo adaptation
  13. Unidentified __ oddball is a 1979 book adaptation
  14. — say — again; second adaptation of ian fleming's novel thunderball
  15. Verse in adaptation of narnia is sheer bliss
  16. Christie adaptation title
  17. Film a red car for novel adaptation outside suspect cafe in oxford location
  18. 'adaptation' locale
  19. Aims at an adaptation in part of australia
  20. Adaptation in living quarters


  1. Perhaps caravaggio's a stubbs?
  2. Thing that stands out
  3. Summary that’s almost exact
  4. Punch busybody
  5. Scout cooking with primus? yummy!
  6. Made sauna boiling time after time
  7. 100 + 50 - complex sum? yes, that's awkward
  8. Scientific man nietzsche mistrusted to an extent