The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with R.
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Crossword Answers for "Attack in return for attack"

Added on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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  1. Retaliate
    1. To get back, i'm aboard, travelling west, arrival time to follow
    2. Practice tit for tat
    3. Having run with the others, i grabbed some food to get back
    4. Get even
    5. Exact vengeance
    6. About time the greatest absorbed counter-attack


  1. I will attend to it ___ my return. (after i return)
  2. Return for attack
  3. Return in support of sudden attack
  4. Return attack in boxing bout
  5. Attack craft that can attack craft just the same
  6. I shall return, say
  7. Berthas first party on return - reserve her garment
  8. A spaniard's welcome to return to australia, and welcome in part of america
  9. Worshiper of c-3po in return of the jedi
  10. Expert with i.r.s. return
  11. Tax return compiler holds in devon
  12. Where drones return
  13. About to return money? editor's stressed
  14. City pro's sound return
  15. Raising fruit tree against wall, i overlooked return of disease
  16. Gulager of the return of the living dead
  17. Cured magazine boss after return of illness
  18. On boy's return, adult leaves test for a breather
  19. Power more subdued on return? you’re speaking too soon
  20. Stamped return env., e.g.


  1. Pop star back in country garden
  2. Plant obscured by yellow heather
  3. Platform sticking out into the water
  4. Plaster crops up on bed almost
  5. Polish securing place to sleep by lake country
  6. Plants fear of brussels, say thats about right
  7. Plant agents to catch one up early
  8. Player is in current contest