The answer to this crossword puzzle is 14 letters long and begins with L


Do you know the answer?


  1. Lightpollution
    1. Not many voters out in storm: it could ruin the night
    2. Stars won't be seen in this humorous rubbish


  1. She championed the return of the elgin marbles
  2. Group playing north or south lost elgin marbles, perhaps
  3. Parthenon marbles earl
  4. Earl who acquired parthenon marbles
  5. Parthenon marbles remover
  6. He removed marbles from the parthenon
  7. Athenian citadel including the parthenon
  8. Athenian comic poet; athenian statesman noted for his financial administration
  9. Ancient athenian sculptor
  10. Athenian sculptor from the mid-5th century bc who worked almost exclusively in bronze
  11. Elgin __ (british museum display)
  12. Boy's name - elgin (anag)
  13. Where greeks gathered elgin's last piece in box
  14. Naum __, russian sculptor whose works include 1930's construction in a niche
  15. Ferdinand marie, vicomte de - - , french diplomat who directed construction of suez canal
  16. Parthenon feature
  17. Parthenon sights
  18. Parthenon's home
  19. Parthenon goddess
  20. Parthenon figure


  1. Duke excluded from king's company outside
  2. Is aware primark now sells sandwiches
  3. Loves to pinch scientists roughly
  4. Cuneiform tagalog
  5. Old money was in operation in soccer team
  6. Northerners and fellow boozers
  7. Name of man embracing love goddess
  8. They confound foxhound cracking marbles?