CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Assumed truth"

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  1. Assumed truth in math
  2. Truth assumed to be self-evident
  3. 'beauty is truth, truth beauty' genre
  4. In truth, the account is the truth!
  5. 'beauty is truth, truth beauty' writer
  6. British alias assumed by kate's foreign granny
  7. Assumed european articles were upright
  8. Assumed by potter about to support socialist leader
  9. Assumed the hero pose in yoga
  10. Something thats assumed
  11. Name assumed by billiards great rudolf wanderone
  12. Wrongly assumed
  13. Function assumed by poles or greeks
  14. Title assumed by margaret
  15. Assumed (an attitude)
  16. When it was assumed remorse was being shown, idiot blocked fire hydrant
  17. It may be assumed
  18. Characters at the back in saudi arabian music video twerking under assumed names
  19. Assumed
  20. Assumed 'great' often drank unfortunately


  1. Collided with back of enormous goods vehicle
  2. ___ poodle (small dog)
  3. Walk hard: the dewey ___ story (2007 film comedy)
  4. Rural french holiday cottage
  5. Goddesses of the arts in greek mythology
  6. Edible part of grain for breakfast, say?
  7. Lovely place; mole
  8. Barrier damaged best coal