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  1. One drawing conclusions from a skull's shape
  2. Accident-assessing areas,
  3. Assessing, with “up”
  4. Doctor assessing condition of long-winded patient?
  5. Damage-assessing grp.
  6. Assessing the situation, as shoplifter or cattle rustler might be?
  7. One assessing risk of both poles separately fleeing refuge
  8. One assessing sentiment
  9. Politicians, assessing scene prepared for the queen, find old person sewing
  10. Briefly assessing importance of preparation for fight
  11. Assessing differently
  12. Complete tons of tests assessing liabilities at first
  13. An expert at assessing faults?
  14. Process of assessing
  15. Assessing the general quality of state in decline?
  16. Accident-assessing areas, briefly
  17. Assessing magnitude
  18. Screw is attached, then not — one assessing the cost to secure it?
  19. Get confused by playwright in assessing growing business
  20. Perhaps if assessing they break into song


  1. One, ten and a hundred divide precisely into three or so
  2. Open university book inspires college sequel
  3. Ones parents are late turning up for chinese
  4. Opens mouth, but runs out of fruit
  5. Ones smart about working i wish it were true
  6. Ones embarrassed to involve woman in smear
  7. Operatic heroine, and not mother!
  8. One up