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  1. Nidus
    1. Nest i had established in student organisation


  1. Sell down the river, not a river rising
  2. River rising in ohio, and joining the ohio river in indiana
  3. Class, level or class level
  4. Finish level or nearly level
  5. It's rising? country ignoring national water level
  6. Greeting asian national at the highest level
  7. Wiles a rising asian ruler employed to get fleece
  8. Asian holding units for another asian
  9. Parent left to vacate asian island for asian city
  10. One working the soil turns up tricky problem: two metres need replacing with nitrogen
  11. Put nitrogen in to check gas exhaust
  12. Its roughly 78% nitrogen
  13. It's mostly nitrogen
  14. Nitrogen source for plants
  15. Nitrogen compound
  16. Flowers return, fed with nitrogen, i detect
  17. It's about 78% nitrogen
  18. Nitrogen does spread over tops of underground lumps - these?
  19. Nitrogen affected sound of handset
  20. Regarding quantity of heat required to bottle nitrogen


  1. Object used for mooring
  2. Nation bordering victoria falls
  3. Obstruction put on nobleman
  4. The five letters that switch to yield the contest answer
  5. Continent within australia?
  6. Half-brother of peter the great (preceded by four with the same name)
  7. A film with daniel craig as bond
  8. Phishing email e.g.