The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with N


Do you know the answer?


  1. Nidus
    1. Nest i had established in student organisation


  1. Asian river, rising in the tibetan plateau
  2. Shortage of nitrogen up-river
  3. Sell down the river, not a river rising
  4. River rising as the crocodile river near johannesburg
  5. River rising in ohio, and joining the ohio river in indiana
  6. Class, level or class level
  7. Finish level or nearly level
  8. It's rising? country ignoring national water level
  9. Greeting asian national at the highest level
  10. Wiles a rising asian ruler employed to get fleece
  11. Asian holding units for another asian
  12. Parent left to vacate asian island for asian city
  13. One working the soil turns up tricky problem: two metres need replacing with nitrogen
  14. Put nitrogen in to check gas exhaust
  15. Its roughly 78% nitrogen
  16. It's mostly nitrogen
  17. Nitrogen source for plants
  18. Nitrogen compound
  19. Flowers return, fed with nitrogen, i detect
  20. It's about 78% nitrogen


  1. Musical score for a film abbreviation
  2. Rock's hendrix
  3. Face going back across bridge to get fish
  4. One, so delayed, meets head of department, lonely
  5. Apparatus such as a sheila maid, clothes horse or winterdyke
  6. Came in to improve building
  7. Suspend some irish elves
  8. Bathroom hand towel