The answer to this crossword puzzle is 16 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Arena chapel in padua painter"

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  1. Painting such as michelangelo’s the last judgment in the sistine chapel or any one by giotto in the scrovegni chapel (arena chapel), padua
  2. Padua's ___ chapel, with a renowned giotto fresco
  3. Arena chapel
  4. City sw of padua
  5. Padua parting
  6. Padua possessive
  7. Latin name for padua
  8. Plucked instrument, in padua
  9. Noted university of padua professor
  10. Padua prime number
  11. Michel__ sistine chapel painter
  12. Painter whose masterwork is said to be the scrovegni chapel frescoes
  13. Samuel us inventor and painter whose works include 1830's the chapel of the virgin at subiaco
  14. Italian renaissance painter and sculptor whose works include frescos on the walls and ceiling of the sistine chapel
  15. Tense pose with painter, rising painter
  16. A painter's painter finding another a help
  17. Painter's painter bound to flip about height
  18. It flows near the sistine chapel
  19. Chapel recess
  20. Chapel hill sch


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