The answer to this crossword puzzle is 12 letters long and begins with E.
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Added on Friday, February 1, 2019

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  1. Egyptologist
    1. Person studying pharaohs' tombs etc
    2. Mummy's big boy's in digs
    3. One such as flinders petrie or howard carter
    4. Land with old journal by first person looking for resting place close to digs
    5. One, so delayed, meets head of department, lonely


  1. To be honest, niall cook is from equity
  2. On the whole, everyone with niall in chaos
  3. Altogether, gets niall confused
  4. Singer niall horan’s native country
  5. One __, harry, liam and niall's former band
  6. It's demeaning to hear this from an archaeologist perhaps?
  7. How colloquial to say it¿s demeaning to hear this from an archaeologist perhaps?
  8. ''clueless'' exclamation''clueless'' exclamation
  9. Exclamation often followed by multiple exclamation points
  10. Archaeologist's destinati
  11. Archaeologist's bit
  12. Archaeologist's reckoning
  13. Archaeologist played by harrison ford, informally
  14. Video game featuring an archaeologist heroine
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  16. Archaeologist david who f
  17. Archaeologist's prize
  18. Archaeologist's prefix
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  20. Archaeologist's achievements


  1. The flying __; gresley's 1923 steam locomotive
  2. Sweet courses
  3. What an elderly person might use to get around
  4. The dong with the __ nose: edward lear story
  5. Beach cover-up wrap worn around the waist
  6. With a pleasant or artificially sweet aroma
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