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  1. Arabic greeting
  2. Language written with persian-arabic letters
  3. Greeting that includes a spanish greeting in reverse?
  4. In vogue for duplicate letters to include greeting
  5. Arabic leader?
  6. Arabic name that means "s
  7. Hebrew : ben :: arabic : ___
  8. Gum arabic tree
  9. Arabic name that sounds like a reply of agreement
  10. Arabic for “son of”
  11. Dialect of arabic
  12. Son of, in arabic names
  13. Second-largest arabic-speaking city after cairo
  14. Mac : scottish :: ___ : arabic
  15. Arabic name preceder
  16. Arabic for "book"
  17. Part of many arabic names
  18. Where arabic and tigrinya
  19. Arabic patronymic part
  20. Arabic name part


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