The answer to this crossword puzzle is 15 letters long and begins with A.
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Crossword Answers for "Apt title for this puzzle"

Added on Wednesday, May 2, 2018


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  1. Amatterofdegree
    1. Intensity consideration


  1. Brief version of this puzzle's title hidden in eight long puzzle answers
  2. Classic letter puzzle — or, when parsed differently, a hint to three down answers in this puzzle
  3. Clueless ... or where the answers to this puzzle's starred clues were all first usedclueless ... or where the answers to this puzzle's starred clues were all first used
  4. Cbs drama co-starring scott foley (who co-created this puzzle), and a hint to puzzle theme that begins answers to 17-, 28-, 47- and 61-across
  5. Clue? i'd none solved except puzzle's second, showing sluggishnessclue? i'd none solved except puzzle's second, showing sluggishness
  6. Elevated expectations ... or what this puzzle's maker did to five answers in this puzzle?
  7. Like this puzzle's theme, to solvers concerned with puzzle symmetry?
  8. What the six puzzle answers graphically represented in this puzzle have in common
  9. Clue to this puzzle's themeclue to this puzzle's theme
  10. Apt word for this puzzle's theme found by using the three letters that appear nowhere else in this entire puzzle's grid
  11. Clue for this puzzle's four longest answersclue for this puzzle's four longest answers
  12. Clue for four puzzle answersclue for four puzzle answers
  13. Rubiks , colorful 3d puzzle thats the worlds best selling puzzle game
  14. Puzzle, type of puzzle where pieces are interlocked to form a picture
  15. Shortz, american puzzle creator who founded the world puzzle championship
  16. Nightmarish manhattan traffic situation or a possible title for this puzzle
  17. Title for this puzzle ...
  18. Supercilious sort or the title for this puzzle
  19. Certain hollywood stars or an apt title for this puzzle
  20. Communications giant or a possible title of this puzzle


  1. The main attribute of karaoke
  2. Red from the sun
  3. Government representative
  4. To soak thoroughly
  5. Take a of this cream and apply it gently
  6. Tinge, dye
  7. That’s a good chair, i should buy it
  8. Someone who rejects a doctrine