The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with W.
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Crossword Answers for "Apply this in rooms to decorate them"

Added on Thursday, July 12, 2018
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CODYCROSS transports Group 119 Puzzle 5

  1. Natural understanding of need
  2. San __ city famous for its suspension bridge
  3. Hides blemishes dark circles under eyes
  4. Wife of perseus placed in the stars after death
  5. Widely planted grape helps make cognac
  6. Stupid person with senseless cranium
  7. Place where a judge works
  8. Off road motorcycle racing
  9. Tough flexible tissue found in parts of the body
  10. What lisa plays in the simpsons
  11. Person who does routine work in a business office
  12. Canines that protect properties
  13. Semi-precious gemstone similar to sard
  14. Two __ of verona a shakespeare's comedy
  15. Shia holy city baghdad neighborhood
  16. Golden __ controversial exit payments for ceos
  17. Italian film director
  18. It never strikes the same place twice
  19. New orleans jazz popular with white musicians
  20. Battle of __ between the hindu kings and the arabs


  1. Wallpaper
    1. Alternative to paint
    2. Room decor
    3. Room decoration
    4. Paint's alternative
    5. Decorative covering in one's room
    6. Screen background with initially every source of news


  1. Long ribbon-like scarves to decorate event rooms
  2. Small rooms off other larger rooms
  3. One of the rooms in clueone of the rooms in clue
  4. One of the rooms on a clue boardone of the rooms on a clue board
  5. Decorate, as a pumpkin
  6. Decorate elegantly
  7. Decorate
  8. Decorate as a cake
  9. Decorate again
  10. Decorate nobleman with head turned around?
  11. Decorate or give title to national trust
  12. Richly decorate
  13. Decorate anew
  14. Decorate (food)
  15. Spangle used to decorate clothing
  16. Decorate country house for the king
  17. Decorate a sleeping area, new, for married
  18. Decorate flamboyantly, in
  19. Decorate differently
  20. Decorate with leaves


  1. Get broader
  2. Telepathic skill for short
  3. Number are practitioners of meditation
  4. It provides task lighting
  5. Beyoncé album and film of 2016
  6. Kitchen initialism popularized by rachael ray
  7. Bit of thunder
  8. Stared at